Secret signals by Rogier Arents

Published on November 15, 2012

Rogier Arents (The netherlands, 1987) is a designer who is working in the field of life science. He is graduated in department Well-being at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and is working on projects together with the University of Amsterdam and the University of Wageningen. With his strength as a designer to speak the visual language he aims to support scientists communicating their knowledge to the public.

Secret Signals is a project where the result is a short movie is made for a plant study at the University of Amsterdam, they research the way defense mechanisms of plants work. The movie shows one of their findings: a plant’s defense against a plague of mites. By sending out odors to hungry predators, the plant tries to rid itself of the invasive mites. This story is told with the help of a pen plotter, this machine takes you on a journey into the world of plants and insects through illustration and text drawn on a paper roll, which functions as the movies ‘film’. Digital illustrations attain an analogue feeling because of the pen plotter.

Rogier Arents

A must watch video!


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