Senseless drawing bot by So Kanno & Takahiro Yamaguchi

Published on February 10, 2012

This is a self-generated drawing machine that using chaotic movement of double pendulum and drawing abstract line dynamically in realtime. The modified electric skateboard with double pendulum detecting the direction of the movement of pendulum by rotary encoder on the fulcrum of it and amplify the wobble by moving right and left. If it passes over the threshold, it draws to a wall in a twinkling. So the principle of operation is quite simple. This work simulates a act of graffiti by extracting the dynamism of the process of drawing by eliminating the human body and assertion from doodle action called “graffiti” that recognized as a expression method. They exploring for “what is the essence of graffiti” by presenting the elements like extemporaneousness, symbol characteristic and vandalism and trying to connect a new interpretation.

Takahiro Yamaguchi | So Kanno


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