Skateboard engraved by Guillem Castellvi

Published on February 21, 2012

Today we come up with one of those works we really like: talented designers putting their hands on exploring new personal paths. Barcelona based motion graphic designer Guillem Castellvi combined some of his passions to create a personalised engraved skateboard. The result is pure boost of the relief’s beauty and process enthusiasm. As Guillem says, “sometimes you just need to do things for yourself, personal projects with no briefings, restrictions or anything. We should all remember why you got into all these things. It’s all about experimenting with new software to getting your hands dirty while having fun”. Nevertheless he really appreciates laser engraved skateboards, having the chance to do all the process with his own hands magnifies its experience. Patience is a must. The Method Case is fascinated by all those designers who do not leave their creative minds to rest. Hence, we really look forward that the beauty of this video encourages you to lose the fear of creating. Moreover, we would really recommend you to watch some of his motion graphics. Enjoy!

Guillem Castellvi and his blog


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