The smallest printing company by Letterproeftuin

Published on November 1, 2013


The latest project of The Letterproeftuin. A mobile printing installation for small posters and books.

Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC5- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC7- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC14- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC9-

They where really happy to be at the Chaumont International Poster and Graphic Design Festival again.

Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC3- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC32- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC36- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC29-

This year they made our installation a little bit smaller. They brought a scale model of a Viprotech silk screen table and a scale model Roco-Ets V50, all packed in two crates full of ink, paper and tools. Ready for printing in the blink of an eye.

Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_34- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_37- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_38- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_28-

They thank the people and organisations that helped us especially Jan from Roco-Ets did something amazing. He build this small version of the Roco-Ets V50.

Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC4- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC5- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC3- Smallest_Printing_Company_Letterproeftuin_Chaumont_TMC1-


This project is made possible with the great help and expertise of;
Lara De Greef, Druma, Roco-Ets, Wessel van Offeren, Fieke van Berkom, LATU Werkhanden, Van Son Ink,


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