Stefan Diez’s Yard Furniture Collection for Emu

Published on September 8, 2015

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The ultra lightweight frame of Yard furniture is made from powder coated aluminium, whereas the seat and back is made from elastic straps guaranteeing an extraordinary comfort abandoning the need of additional cushions.


These straps are inserted into the tubular frame using a technical solution developed and patented together with Emu, which allows the seat to form a consequently natural unit with the frame.


The Yard collection is completed by several fixed and extensible tables forming a furnishing system that fully meets the requirements of indoor as well as outdoor use.

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The woven elastic straps, joined in a unique and innovative way to the ergonomic and sophisticated aluminium frame, give life to a collection defined by an outstanding and eclectic style, suitable to any indoor/outdoor setting.

stefan-diez-office-yard-furniture-collection-emu-13stefan-diez-office-yard-furniture-collection-emu-66 stefan-diez-office-yard-furniture-collection-emu-40

The blend of materials, as stainless steel or ceramic, is the main feature of yard collection. Yard is a complete range of furniture in aluminium and multi-material, made up of chair, armchair, tables, lounge chairs and low coffee tables.

Stefan Diez Office and Emu


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