STOOL by Stevens and Hayter

Published on June 3, 2015

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The intention of this project was to explore the possibilities of executing a project with the smallest budget possible, whilst achieving an understandable and simple outcome using only hand-tools.

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Without access to workshop facilities throughout the Easter break, Liv Stevens and Will Hayter decided to turn these restrictions into the brief for a project. The main emphasis was on making and a low budget, with an importance placed on simple making processes and techniques as a result simple hand tools being available.

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It concentrates on the simple idea of addition of materials to form 3D objects and uses an old bed frame and random discarded pieces of wood. The legs slot into gaps created after gluing the slats of the bedframe together.

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The result is the culmination of 3 days of sourcing material in and around Camberwell, south London, and translating these into a functional piece of furniture. Although these salvaged and unwanted items were the materials of choice, the aim was always to try to create a design or principle that could be reproduced and manufactured. Therefore, the stoll created in this short period of time does not necessarily mark the end of the project.

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The stool is suitable for batch production due to its uncomplicated design and simple construction, and would be at home in a public space.

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Stevens and Hayter hope to add a sense of value and longevity to an otherwise undervalued material, Pinewood through the design and solid construction.

Willian Hayter and Stevens


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