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This DIY submission process is meant to make it easier and faster for you to upload your work. Content can be published within few days, but occasionally might need additional research. Please give us exclusivity for a couple of days.

Please take the time to provide as much information about your submission entry as you can. Some information is REQUIRED, as we need these for publication. The more information you provide, the better and more representative the article will be. TMC is focused on the process, showing behind the scenes, so we don’t publish works or projects with just pictures of the final product. We need the design process, manufacturing process, handmade process, the making of, etc.

The DIY submission is really easy. Still, you need to make sure some information is filled properly.


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. Include the link of your site at the end of the text.
. Write the name of the images you want to include between paragrahs. . Ideally it should be around 400 words. But it is up to you.
. Additional Info: If you have another video, you want to suggest something, etc.

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. The form only admits 800px width! Otherwise it will create error.
. The Method Case focuses on the process. Thus, try to upload images of the whole process. From inspiration, firsts ideas, prototypes, development, final product. Ideally upload the images in chronological order.
. Min: 4 image. No max images.

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All submissions received will be reviewed. Please note that not all uploaded projects will be published. It is important that your project follows The Method Case’s guidelines and does not infringe any copyrights. Priority will be given to works that have not yet been covered elsewhere on the web.

If you have any doubts or questions please feel free to contact us via email,


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