A tabletop of extruded aluminium with a minimal profile

Published on December 2, 2015


For years Konstantin has been longing for an opportunity to work with aluminium extrusions – an industrial technology which combines superior structural properties with an elegantly sleek aesthetic.


Inspired by the work Oscar Tusquets and Lluis Clotet have carried out for Bd Barcelona since the early 80’s he has designed a wing-like table top using extruded aluminium profiles. Table B spans a maximum length of 3,6 meters and comes with three optional substructures in solid oak, stainless steel or artificial stone.

table-b-konstantin-grcic-bd-barcelona-12table-b-konstantin-grcic-bd-barcelona-09 table-b-konstantin-grcic-bd-barcelona-04

Konstantin Grcic opens the Extrusions collection which he has designed for Bd Barcelona design with this table, baptised as Table B. Its name is as simple and technical as the design itself. Grcic has been inspired by classic Bd pieces, such as the Hypóstila shelf unit (in production since 1979), in developing a tabletop of extruded aluminium with a minimal profile and for lengths of up to 500 cm.

table-b-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bd-barcelona-themethodcase-01 table-b-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bd-barcelona-themethodcase-03

It is offered in various finishes and with three models of legs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Its apparent simplicity hides a complex technical development in which senior engineers have been involved.

table-b-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bd-barcelona-themethodcase-04 table-b-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bd-barcelona-themethodcase-05table-b-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bd-barcelona-themethodcase-07 table-b-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bd-barcelona-themethodcase-10

In counterpoint, the production also includes several manual processes. The result is a highly crafted piece with all the character of the German designer.

table-b-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bd-barcelona-themethodcase-12table-b-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bd-barcelona-themethodcase-08 table-b-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bd-barcelona-themethodcase-09

The collection was designed in 2009 with the help of the project assistant Jan Heinzelmann (KGID) and structural engineer, Jesus Jimenez.

Konstantin Crcic and BD Barcelona

Konstantin Grcic explains the collection he designed for BD Barcelona Design, called Extrusions, including Table B, Chair B, and Bench B.


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