Talma, Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

Published on May 16, 2013

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Benjamin Hubert Studio designed Innofa 3D Stretch textile over metal framework with minimal PU foam. ‘Talma’ is a compact new lounge chair launched at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April 2013. The project is a result of a close collaboration between Benjamin Hubert and Italian brand Moroso.

‘Talma’ named after a type of cloak describes the chairs construction with a softly padded textile wrapped around a lightweight metal framework, mirroring the way a cloak would wrap the body. The chair stems from the studio’s ‘Materials driven, process led, industrial design approach’ and research into the traditional construction of upholstered chairs with a view to reducing the material, weight and cost of this typology of product.

talma-benjamin-hubert-for-moroso-15 talma-benjamin-hubert-for-moroso-22

‘Talma’ utilises a CNC shaped steel framework to describe the shape of the chair with integrated upholstery straps for support. The framework is wrapped with a custom made textile in collaboration with Innofa with integrated padding. The cover is secured with a series of zips and two fastenings at the front of the chair.

This combination of metal frame and padded textile allows the chair to use a minimal amount of polyurethane foam (a conventional armchair would be covered almost entirely with it) – therefore reducing the carbon footprint of the product.


CNC formed steel frame
Innofa textile
Moulded Polyurethane foam

Benjamin Hubert and Moroso


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