The Alphabet Press. The Story Of A Letterpress Printmaker

Published on August 26, 2014

This is a story about the love of labour, and how things are being made with sweat, time and soul. Drawing on the subtle imperfections of each print in letterpress, they believe that tradition and modernity can work together to create a new type of contemporary design that is relevant to the modern society.

Letterpress revolutionised the world by making books and written material easily available. It dates back to 1450 with the invention of printing press and moveable type by Johannes Gutenberg. Back then, for every single word you see on a book, each letter was typeset and positioned by a different wooden carving or lead casting. The paper would be carefully placed on top of the type and applied pressure creates a beautiful kiss impression known as letterpress.
Fast forward to today, it has evolved into an art form more than a standard printing practice when deep impression was discovered. It is the bite on paper that saved letterpress. Starting from 19th century, there are other forms of printing that can “kiss” printing on paper more gently and efficiently. So, letterpress machines were used less and less, nearly obsolete. In the 1980s, there are a group of people who liked the tactile feeling and craftsmanship of letterpress started a revival. They needed something special to set letterpress works apart, and that is how the beauty of the bite was born.

They think Malaysia deserves a great product that made with heart and soul. All their letterpress stationeries are created in-house by a team of craftsmen who obsess over every detail. It is a notoriously labour intensive process but it adds an exceptional gorgeous, unique touch to any printed goods. This centuries-old craftsmanship is unmistakably the answer for it.

The Alphabet Pressc


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