The creative factory, Line 01 by Itay Ohaly

Published on September 25, 2012

The creative factory is a collective of designers reclaiming control over their creations. Within an empty factory in Eindhoven they create their individual production line, their machines, tools and products, while establishing relationships with the community around them. The creative factory suggests an alternative to industrialization, production and consumption.
Line01 by Itay Ohaly is a set of light, low tech machinery. By free carving, roto-molding and cutting, various objects are produced. In this process, the packaging of an object is used as its mold, which defines and influences the object’s form and texture. The act of opening the mold is transferred from the manufacturer to the customer, who is given the preliminary experience of revealing the object.

The creative factory and Itay Ohaly for C-Fabriek



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