The space of our Objects: Vilu lamp collection gt2P for DHPH

Published on July 8, 2013

Aryeh Kornfeld

Vilu Light Collection is part of the project The Space of our Objects: Why do objects? How are they involved in space? What do objects give us? Creating objects help us to create a minimum architecture. They participate in space, define it functionally and intensify situations. They allow us to transmit an idea, learn ways to make and test processes.

the-space-of-our-objects-vilu-lamp-collection-gt2p-for-dhph-themethodcase-33 the-space-of-our-objects-vilu-lamp-collection-gt2p-for-dhph-themethodcase-29


For them, in life they have no standard situations, so standards must be symbolic and non-standards additionally must be contextual. Vilu Lights has symbolic bounding edges based on origin curves. In this case inspired on the origin myth of the archipelago of Chiloe.the-space-of-our-objects-vilu-lamp-collection-gt2p-for-dhph-themethodcase-22the-space-of-our-objects-vilu-lamp-collection-gt2p-for-dhph-themethodcase-24

In southern Chile you may find several myths that explain the origin of all around…only one is related to its dismembered geography. It came after the great battle between two strong and powerful forces: Cai-cai Vilu, the spirit of the waters and Tren-tren Vilu, the protective and wise spirit. While one raised the level of the water, the other raised the level of the land. They fought till finding the balance that shaped the archipelago.
Vilu Lights suggest an action. The lighted space proposes a conversation between people and only those who participate in this action are embedded in the inner spatiality. Vilu Collection are light spaces that match traditional symbology and Digital Handcrafting. This is a collection of parameterized local myths to be brought to the world.

Aryeh Kornfeld

Photo Credits Aryeh Kornfeld

The space of our Objects was featured at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during Milano Design Week, also at Ventura Lambrate Light Space.

Great Things to People (gt2P) and Den Herder Production House (DH PH)



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