The thread wrapping machine by Anton Alvarez

Published on June 21, 2012

Born 1980 in Uppsala,  Anton Alvarez is a London based designer from Sweden. Graduating from the Royal College of Art from the department of Design Products in June 2012 he presented The Thread Wrapping Machine. The project is a tool to joint different types of material with only the glue-coated thread as its cement. Through using this construction method, many different materials can be joined to form objects and spaces such as wood, steel, plastic, bricks. As Anton mentions:

By designing the Thread Wrapping Machine, I have created a tool that forms a new method of working. To be independent from both the industry as well as from traditions of craft. I have complete control over the development of the machine, I can freely experiment and develop it according to what I may discover are my needs in this new craft, the Craft of Thread Wrapping.  The Craft of Thread Wrapping is something that was born from the invention of The Thread Wrapping Machine, and it doesn’t have any history neither any traditions or norms to relate to. To become a master of the Craft of Thread wrapping, at least 10 000 meters of thread has to be used.

Anton Alvarez


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