Time lapse for NY Design Week 2011 by Stephen Dirkes

Published on January 24, 2012


In this project, Stephen Dirkes was commissioned by core77 and Gallery R Pure to shoot a time lapse of Frederick McSwain’s installation of “Die”, a portrait of designer Tobias Wong in 13,138 white dice ( each die represent every day the designer lived before committing suicide at 35 ). To get the overhead shot, he measured out the approx. 5′x7′ dimensions of the finished portrait, composed a frame and mounted a Canon 7d camera with a Canon zoom lens set around 24mm on a pipe in the Gallery ceiling with a Manfrotto magic arm, camera plate and super clamp combo. He also set the Canon intervalometer to shoot a still every 30 seconds. The software was “istopmotion” ( by Boinx, version 1.10.3 ) which is a piece of software that lets you shoot time lapses from the isight camera in your laptop. Used it before to get a lo-rez wide shot, filming a Terry Richardson shoot and had the laptop with me at the gallery to D.I.T. anyhow.




Obscure Object Films


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