TUNE Chair & Table by Stefan Diez

Published on June 26, 2013


In June 2013, Schellmann Furniture opened up a new showroom in Munich dedicated to editing small industrial series. Their contribution to Jörg Schellmanns exhibition “Seven Studies” is connected to the universal chair Chassis, which, like a vehicle chassis, is made of deep-drawn sheet steel.

Its form results from a special industrial process involving considerable investments for the development and construction of press dies to make the steel light and stable. As a further step, the Tune Chair was developed in cooperation with Schellmann Furniture following a post-production idea: the frame was industrially pre-produced, and through post-production (galvanic zinc coating, leather padding) it became a refined, masterfully handcrafted chair. This results in items uniting the advantages of modern industrial production with the qualities of work by master craftsmen.

Deep-drawn sheet metal, electrolytically galvanized in blue, yellow, olive green or black;
upholstered seat made of naturally tanned leather (perforated or plain) or fabric.
Dimensions: 54.5 cm wide x 58 deep x 78 cm high.

tune-chair-table-stefan-diez-themethodcase-15tune-chair-table-stefan-diez-themethodcase-02 tune-chair-table-stefan-diez-themethodcase-05

Reversing the process of pre-production, they are presenting in the “Seven Studies” exhibition, a handmade prototype: to complete the chair, as to form a whole working unit, they are proposing a table which has the potential to become the basis for an item for industrial mass production. As a reminiscence of the infrastructure of its predecessors and to transform it from a universal table into a desk, the Tune Table comes with a single accessory, the Clamp, used to hold various plugs, power supplies and cables that are thus elegantly passed from the floor onto the worktop.

Laser-cut sheet metal, powder-coated in black grey, papyrus white, greenish grey, yellow, or red.
Table top made of powder-coated MDF; dismountable table.
Overall dimensions: 276.5 cm long x 96.5 wide x 74.5 cm high, Board 90 × 270 cm;
Clamp 40 cm wide, 32.5 cm deep, 11.5 cm high.

tune-chair-table-stefan-diez-themethodcase-32tune-chair-table-stefan-diez-themethodcase-29 tune-chair-table-stefan-diez-themethodcase-37tune-chair-table-stefan-diez-themethodcase-42

A galvanization process is usually adding a thin layer of zinc onto the sheet steel in order to protect it from corrosion. In their studio Post Production process, they were collaborating with a galvanizer that is able to colorize the zinc during this process which is adding a very particular dazzling effect.Tune Chair is available in yellow, black, blueish and olive.

The metal construction of the Tune Table is inspired by the first paper models of chassis chair. That time they followed a rather simple bending process of sheet metal. Chassis was later on produced with a more complex deep drawing process fitting the demands in lightness and stability.

Stefan Diez, Schellmann Furniture and Wilkhahn


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