Unofficial Report London

Published on November 27, 2013

A team of young creatives from Fabrica on a mission to capture the places, people and creativity of prominent events and festivals around the world.

Through spontaneous process, dialogue and documentation, the aim is to deliver an exhibition and catalogue that encapsulates the experience, generated purely from content collected within the chosen event. The Unofficial Report acts as a library in progress, providing an honest representation of each chosen event.

Unofficial Report has already been done during Salone del Mobile in Zona Tortona Milan, and at Art Basel, at Stellwerk in Basel.

In its third edition, Unofficial Report rediscusses how people translate their own images into words. Through real interviews in the streets of London during the London Design Week 2013, people’s descriptions will be transformed into digital posters creating an online exhibition. Experimenting in a collaborative live way, and born as a collateral project of Collate by Six:Thirty at V&A.

6_Selection of Posters

“It’s always a great experience and challenge to create with people you don’t know. Normally we are used to walk on the streets, use the elevators, and have no interaction with the people around us. Design can be the tool and the excuse to start a conversation” explains Gastón Lisak.

2_Work in progress4_Projecting the content

What is the imagery that people have in their minds when they think about Future, Materials or Nature? How to describe these images in words?

Unofficial Report is a spontaneous process driven project. The team goes to an exhibition, event, fair or festival where there’s going to be interesting things going on and a diverse flow of people throughout a short period.

After mapping rough guidelines, the proper work starts once arrived in the event. Each individual is sent to various areas to document, collect and engage with as many people possible, exploring both the location as well as the atmosphere and conversations that surround the place.

In the end an exhibition and live printed catalogue are presented, with curated content found exclusively during this period. Not only the physicial things but the dialogues and process behind it are showcased and shared.

This project is supported by Fabrica Communication Research Center.

Unofficial Report and London Unofficial Report



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