Joel Escalona’s bathroom products and accessories for URREA

Published on February 22, 2016


Design collaboration with URREA, the leader company in construction solutions of hydraulics systems and bathroom ambient.


More than one year long work process between URREA and Joel Escalona had as objective to develop a collection of bathroom products and accessories that stated a clear and accurate evolution in the current catalog, by satisfying the innovative production possibilities of the company, thus outranking the market expectations.


The design project was accomplished thanks to the intense collaboration between both parties. Developing and giving form to the initial ideas in the Joel Escalona design studio in Mexico City; and immersed at the different departments such as engineering, production and marketing in URREA at Guadalajara. Always in favor of delivering a technologically innovative, economically accessible and aesthetically attractive product.

urrea-yaz-collection-bathroom-joel-escalona-09 urrea-yaz-collection-bathroom-joel-escalona-11urrea-yaz-collection-bathroom-joel-escalona-19

The result is a timeless bathroom collection with an essence of a classical elegance, outlined by soft and modern forms.

urrea-yaz-collection-bathroom-joel-escalona-08 urrea-yaz-collection-bathroom-joel-escalona-01

The YAZ® collection has over 10 different products, with a concept that starts with the transition of traditional and complex forms translated to modern and organic lines. The final design is accomplished thanks to the idea of reduction in mind, due to the way that little by little the lines where suppressed to soften the outlines and minimize distractions, thus the enjoyment of clear forms and functions, with the expressed reminiscence of various styles.

urrea-yaz-collection-bathroom-joel-escalona-07 urrea-yaz-collection-bathroom-joel-escalona-26

From single handle faucets, tub and shower faucets, to towel and tissue paper holders, soap dishes and grab bars; the organic and elegant design starts at the finely renewed base with generous proportions, complemented with a soft finish at the edges, which is appeals to the touch and sight.

The entire collection is focused on different tastes and styles that is why it’s being mass-produced to be distributed all across the country. The commercialization of this commercial design collaboration is an example of the asserted association between designers and industry.


URREA is a leading Mexican company with international presence, with more than 100 years of experience in the development of hydraulic solutions, faucets and bathroom furniture. This makes them the only company that brings integral solutions for handling water.

A past full of experience backs URREA, besides of an unique vision of the future that allows them to innovate in the sustainable handling of water, the innovation its accomplished from their production processes, that overreach the most demanding ecological norms around the globe, to the development of products that allow people to responsibly enjoy water at every moment in life.

Joel Escalona and Urrea


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