Voor Chair by Pablo Marcos

Published on September 30, 2013

It is a sober and minimalistic chair born from the idea of repetition of elements, combining wood and galvanized steel held together only by the contact between them.

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Voor chair is born from the idea of repetition of elements, and inspired by public benches and café terrace chairs. Voor is sober and minimalistic; there is no ornament beyond its own material: wood and galvanized steel. The peculiarity of the chair is in the way the materials are joined using only the friction between them.


The chair stands on two frames attached by wooden slats: The materials play their roles according to their features: the wood is the material in contact with the user due to its warmth, and the cold steel is what supports the slats. Nevertheless, the steel is not the only material responsible for the framework; both materials make up the structure, since the slats also keep the two frames in place. There are only two screws, which close the steel profiles, placed on the back side of the seat.


The assembly is done in a distinctive way: Any glue can be used to fix the steel to the wood. The steel rod is inserted into the wood through a smaller diameter hole. In order to achieve this, the wooden slats are previously immersed in water for several hours, which softens them and makes the assembly possible without breaking the wood. Next, the slats are pushed through the rod to their position and, once the wood dries, friction keeps it fixed to the steel.


Form follows function: The curve in the front part of the chair has several functions besides aesthetic. One is to increase rigidity and stability. The slats turn along the curve, -from a vertical to a horizontal alignment-, which, -together with the bar on the back, – makes the chair stable against lateral movements and stops the rod from twisting. Compared to a chair finished with a sharp edge, this arrangement is more ergonomic and makes touching the wood with your legs a much more pleasant experience.
The backrest allows for a slight rocking movement when you place your back on it. The sides of the chair are flat and parallel, so several chairs may be placed next to one another making the shape of a public bench.

Pablo Marcos


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