Wheel printer notebook cover by Postalco

Published on March 6, 2012

Postalco is a stationery and leather goods company based in Tokyo and owned by Mike Abelson and Yuri Abelson. Based in Tokyo since 2001, they strength to produce finely crafted products that nowadays have garnered them praise and devoted fans not just in Japan but also around the world. All of Postalco’s products are born out of observing people’s daily lives. Thus, the printed wheel cover inspiration comes from seeing the tracks of the tires of the bicycle through a puddle, spinning the wheel with ink on paper can be a variety of stripes.

Starting from this image they set to making a printing machine with wheels. As they explain, were examined for development of printing machines of the Middle Ages were examined. Structurally what they devised is a configuration of different wheels attached in rows. Each wheel is inked and when a notebook or sheet of paper passes through, the wheels leave coloured ink patterns. For them the main thing is that curiosity leads to something unpredictable.

At The Method Case, the result is a process that instead of making things uniform mass; find the interest in the production process to make things irregular. Moreover, the most important thing for us is the fact that distinguishes it from the normal product design, where the designer can not be directly involved in the production process. Thus, The wheel is also a tool to integrate the design process while manufacturing. These are not wheels for rolling on the ground, but on paper. Enjoy!

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