Wheelchair made from recycled chairs by Clara Romani & Josep Mora

Published on May 18, 2015


Kigali Chair is a DIY wheelchair made with recycled material, using parts of wheelchairs and useless bicycles. With an easy building system from metal pieces and wheels, we can transform a common chair in a wheelchair. This way, we can reduce as much as possible the cost of the wheelchairs.


Many developing countries receive wheelchairs donations from abroad. In this countries there is a vast number of people with motor disability and often they can not pay the fee.
When this chairs get damaged, the rehab centers doesn’t have the possibility to replace this pieces and even the technology to repair them.
For this reason, those chairs become useless being transformed into waste, requiring new ones.

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The goal of Kigali Chair is to ensure they don’t have the need of any other help.
Being able to easily produce their own chairs with simple system and local available materials. And at the same time being able to repair them.

To make sure the user knows how to repair the product he was invited to take part in the process of his chair in the workshop. The hospital staff was also trained on making wheelchairs to be able to build it depending on their needs.

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Kigali Chair helps rehab centers to be selfefficient and to profit their own resources.
The manufacturer process involves patients, employees and technical workers, boosting their creative skills and developing their habilities through teamwork.
The building system is simple and adaptable to the various needs from the users, improving their mobility.

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You can see some wheelchairs in the current exhibition DESIGN FOR LIFE until 17-05-2015, on DHUB, Barcelona Museum of Design

Clara Romaní & Josep Mora


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