Where the memory used to sit by Guillem Ferran

Published on June 5, 2013


Where memory used to seat is a project from the catalan designer Guillem Ferran that pretends to impulse the traditional grass chair. The chair that Vincent Van Gogh painted in 1888, the chair of grass, is an iconic object of the popular tradition in various European countries, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Uk…

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This traditional simbol is endangered from the extintion, so every time is more difficult to find manufacturers or artesants that work with the material. Guillem Ferran in his project try using the mutation of the chair to various tipologies, allow the object to reenter in the market and give a new value to the traditional object. The project has been developed with one of the lasts spanish manufacturers that is offering this product. Casa Constante, a family business founded in 1914 in L’Olleria (Valencia), which continues to produce hand-made work.

Dondelamemoriasoliasentarse-by-GuillemFerran-Themethodcase-20 Dondelamemoriasoliasentarse-by-GuillemFerran-Themethodcase-15 Dondelamemoriasoliasentarse-by-GuillemFerran-Themethodcase-48 Dondelamemoriasoliasentarse-by-GuillemFerran-Themethodcase-30 Dondelamemoriasoliasentarse-by-GuillemFerran-Themethodcase-23 Dondelamemoriasoliasentarse-by-GuillemFerran-Themethodcase-9

The designer´s work has been focused on providing this company –which specialises in the production of anea chairs, an icon in popular culture-, with new approaches that enrich the firm´s catalogue and make it more attractive to 21st century consumers. He has gone beyond the chair, creating a collection made up of a range of stools, a chair/coat rack, a lamp chair and a footrest.

Dondelamemoriasoliasentarse-by-GuillemFerran-Themethodcase-45 0.Wherethememoryusedtosit

Video making of:

The project can be visited in Madrid exhibition “Fuera de Serie. Things that design can Change”

Till the 1st of September in Plaza de la Cibeles 1. Madrid

More information and prizes: Guillem Ferran // CasaConstante 
Text and images courtesy by: Guillem Ferran 
Video edit by : Luis Mazón
More images at Flickr 


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