Wireframe Sofa by Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Published on July 3, 2013

wireframe-by-industrial-facility-for-herman-miller-themethodcase-01 wireframe-by-industrial-facility-for-herman-miller-themethodcase-02In 2002, partners Sam Hecht and Kim Colin formed London design office Industrial Facility to explore the junction between industrial design and the world around us. Today we want to show you a collection for 2013. Wireframe Sofa is a thoughtful and contemporary addition to Herman Miller’s recently relaunched ‘Collection’ series of furniture.


It uses a structure made from metal wire to hold its soft and contoured cushions. The structure allows Wireframe to be half the weight of a typical sofa, making movement, transportation and adjustment simple and relevant to today’s transient lives.wireframe-by-industrial-facility-for-herman-miller-themethodcase-14

It also means a smaller and less wasteful package to arrive to the customer. The wired frame also allows the separation of upholstery and structure for easy maintenance, that continues the legacy of lifetime repair and care that Herman Miller has pioneered.

wireframe-by-industrial-facility-for-herman-miller-themethodcase-10 wireframe-by-industrial-facility-for-herman-miller-themethodcase-09

The suspension technology employed in the sofa structure creates a trampoline effect and provides specific comfort, softness and support across its length. Available as a one, two and three seater in a range of fabrics.

Industrial Facility and Hernan Miller


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