How adidas football designers hunt down inspiration for world cup jerseys

Published on June 18, 2014

Inspiration may lurk anywhere and you never know when it hits you. As a designer it’s your job to turn this process into something proactive. It’s not about getting hit by inspiration but about finding it.

Lavy Ohayon is part of the adidas design team that is responsible for designing the football jerseys for teams at the football world cup this year. The job itself as designer allows you to research into a wide variety of subject and is a great challenge. Working out the national identity of a country and incorporate this into the design of the football shirts, this is what is driving them. His friends always ask him how they work and where they get our inspiration from – well, sometimes it is more unconventional than you would think…

Christian Binger is also part of the adidas Football-License-Design team. He can proudly say that for the 2014 World Cup, he was part of the product creation process of the new German National Jersey, which the team will wear at the final tournament in Brazil – this is just amazing. Being a German, it was also very challenging, as they wanted to design something completely new and something a whole nation possibly likes…
The same is true for his Argentinian colleague Martin who is the designer of the Argentinian football jersey. They both need to find the right balance of being professional and the passion wthey have for their own country and football team. But right before the game, when you listen to the national anthem and you see your jersey being worn on the football pitch during a World Cup for the very first time – this is pure emotion, an amazing feeling and very rewarding.

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