TANE Jewelry Design by Joel Escalona

Published on July 17, 2015


Founded in 1914, TANE is the most recognized luxury brand in silversmithing and jewelry in México. Under the creative direction of Nino Bauti, TANE is looking to conserve, as few do, the artistic craftsmanship in their designs and at the same time to have the characteristics of a global and modern brand.

tane-Jewelry-joel-escalona-04tane-Jewelry-joel-escalona-06 tane-Jewelry-joel-escalona-05

For this collaboration with the silver house of design, they decided to make a collection composed by pieces that could digitally re-interpret techniques usually used in silversmithing. The design is a consequence of exploring new textures to be reproduced in silver.


The tessellation highlights the depths and outlines with a sensation that is familiar and recognizable, tough it enhances the perfection of the finished product and sets another perspective in the creative process by creating modern pieces.

tane-Jewelry-joel-escalona-11tane-Jewelry-joel-escalona-10 tane-Jewelry-joel-escalona-08

In pieces like rings, money clips, cufflinks, tie clips and even bracelets, the digital technique allows us to adapt the beauty of the texture, adjusting it perfectly to each and every piece.

All the pieces are produced in 9.95 silver and can be found in all TANE flagship stores, and also in the department store of most prestige in México, El Palacio de Hierro.

Joel Escalona


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